Quality & Engineering

Renaissance Manufacturing Group  features state-of-the-art processes for improved production efficiency and quality assurance.

Renaissance Manufacturing Group has full layout and CMM capabilities as well as advanced optical and laser measurement technologies.

Renaissance Manufacturing Group  adapts to YOUR needs.

We are a world class caster of multi-ferrous metals, recognized for its high quality castings and reliable service. Based on a proud heritage, Renaissance Manufacturing Group continues to invest in people and state-of-the-art equipment and metal casting technologies. Our comprehensive quality program helps us provide competitive castings of the highest quality that exceed customer expectations.

  • Quality, Testing and Certifications

    Renaissance Manufacturing Group is certified in ISO 9001. We have full internal lab support including:

    • Full layout capabilities
    • CMM
    • Optical and laser measurement technologies
  • Technology: Certifications

    • Complete casting and tooling design
    • Use of latest software and modeling tools
    • Fast proto-type capability
    • Technically competent staff for full support to customers
    • Lean Manufacturing
  • Lean Manufacturing

    Our lean manufacturing features an automated mold storage and retrieval system which improves production efficiency and quality assurance.

  • Engineering

    We strive to apply the best combination of craftsmanship, technology and innovative engineering concepts to assure optimum casting performance.

    Our engineers use state-of-the-art software:

    • 3D modeling
    • CAD
    • Flow and solidification